Canadian Gateway High School


Cambridge Assessment International Education

Being a Cambridge certified training center or high school signifies a commitment to academic excellence and adherence to rigorous educational standards set by one of the world’s most prestigious institutions. It opens doors to a wealth of opportunities for students, providing them with internationally recognized qualifications and a solid foundation for future success.

Pearson Approved Centre

Being a Pearson Edexcel certified training center or high school demonstrates a dedication to delivering high-quality education and assessment aligned with global standards. It offers students the assurance of a reputable qualification, equipping them with essential skills and knowledge for their academic and professional journeys.

Student Visa Processing & Consulting

As an experienced consultant for student visa applications, we provide comprehensive guidance and support to students, ensuring they navigate the complex process with ease and maximize their chances of obtaining a successful visa outcome, enabling them to pursue their educational aspirations abroad.

Summer Camp In Canada

We organize enriching summer camps for students from Nigeria, offering them the opportunity to explore the UK, USA, Canada, and other European countries. Our camps provide a unique cultural and educational experience, combining fun activities, language immersion, and sightseeing, fostering personal growth and global understanding.

Study Abroad

Intending students who wish to study abroad are guided through the process to a successful end.

If your dream is to study in United Kingdom (UK), United State (US), Canada, Australia or Dubai then you are at the right place to get all the help you need. Just pick a study destination and we will do the rest.

Our Partner Universities include some of the most prestigious centres of learning in many of the most exciting cities across US, UK, Canada, Dubai and Australia.

Study Grade 1 - 12 in Canada

Let us assist your child in studying Grade 1 to 12 in Canada, providing a comprehensive educational pathway that ensures academic excellence and personal development. Our tailored programs offer a seamless transition, support services, and a nurturing environment, enabling your child to thrive and succeed in their Canadian education journey.

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